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Helpful Hints When Using Your CCTV

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To view a copy of all this information in pdf format, please see document "Helpful Hints When Using Your CCTV" (Please note that this pdf will open in a new browser window)



The key to proper writing is to view the screen instead of the actual paper

  • Try reducing the magnification slightly when writing
  • Consider using a black medium ballpoint or felt pen when writing
  • Get in the habit of keeping your eyes on the screen as you begin to write
  • Practice with lined paper when learning to write with the CCTV. Bold lined paper can be purchased from the CNIB, or photocopied from your personal master copy.
  • Most right-handed writers write upwards and to the right. Here are two suggestions in or to stay on the lines when writing:
    • For short writing tasks (e.g. signatures) angle the page so that the lines slant up to the right on the screen. You may need to experiment with the paper angle for best results and you may need to change the alignment if you are left-handed.
    • For extended writing tasks position your body to the left of the center of the screen and adjust the page so that the lines run straight across the screen. (You may use the rear edge of the x/y table to align material. Using this technique also helps you write straight across blank paper (e.g. when addressing envelopes)
  • Use your free hand to stabilize the x/y table when writing, using it to move the table when you have written to the right edge of the screen.

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