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Helpful Hints When Using Your CCTV

Set Up & Positioning
Objects & Pictures
Things to Remember

To view a copy of all this information in pdf format, please see document "Helpful Hints When Using Your CCTV" (Please note that this pdf will open in a new browser window)


Positioning/Set up

To sit comfortably when using your CCTV, table and chair height is important.

  • Choose a chair that allows your legs from hip to knee to be parallel with the floor; your feet should be flat on the ground. An adjustable chair works well for this.
  • Choose a desk or table that allows you to be eye level with the middle to upper 1/3rd of the screen.
  • The table top should be just high enough for knee clearance. This will ensure a comfortable hand position on the x/y platform and adequate clearance between the bottom of the screen and the platform to place material.
  • If your table is too tall, here are some suggestions:
    • Obtain a lower table such as a sturdy card table. Check with Office Supply Retailers; sometimes they have small but sturdy typing or machine stands, often on casters that could be used for your CCTV.
    • Cut down the legs of an existing table to the correct height.
  • If the table is still on the high side, read in the lower half of the screen. Looking up to the top half of the screen can cause neck strain.

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