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What is the Assistive Devices Program?

For more information on this program, please visit the Assitive Devices Program website

How do I get a CCTV?
To obtain a CCTV that is funded through the ADP, a consumer must be assessed at one of the provincial Regional Assessment Centres (RACs) which can authorize this kind of device. See contact us to find the listing for the RACs.

I received another reading device through the program (scanner or DAISY player). When can I obtain ADP funding for a CCTV?
The normal replacement period for this type of equipment is 5 years. Check with ADP's Consumer Information service (1-800-268-6021) and they will tell you when you would be eligible for authorization. If, however, you have had a change in your vision and the original device is no longer meeting your needs, please contact your authorizing Centre for further information about eligibility.

Once I have been approved for a CCTV through ADP, do I own the unit?
Any CCTV system obtained with ADP funding is provided through a pre-paid lease program; ADP purchases the unit and the client pays their portion of the cost as a prepaid lease fee. The lease is for a 5 year period. If the equipment is returned before the end of the 5 year period, any unused portion of the lease fees (less non-refundable fees) will be reimbursed to the client. After the completion of the lease, the equipment is then owned by the client.

Once my CCTV is delivered, will someone come and set it up for me?
SEEPAC is unable to provide set up service for consumers. Your authorizer will have discussed set up with you and we have provided some instructions on this site to assist you with unpacking and set up of each unit. See directions for your specific unit under "DELIVERY".

Do these units require any special electrical connections?
The CCTV plugs into a regular 3-prong grounded wall outlet. If you plug the unit into a non-grounded power outlet (2-prong plug) there is a safety issue as your system will not be grounded. Please consult an electrician if you have a 2-prong outlet to ensure you can make a safe power connection.

I have trouble focusing the CCTV on folded papers or thicker books.
A piece of Plexiglas is an inexpensive option that can be obtained from a hardware store. Ask for a piece to be cut at about 12" x 12" (30cm x 30cm); sand the edges well as they will be sharp. Use the Plexiglas over the top of the reading material and hold in place with your hands.

My CCTV is not working. Where do I get it repaired?
During the 5 years of your lease with SEEPAC, your unit is covered under a full warranty for both repairs and associated shipping costs. To return your unit for repair, see the section RETURNS - REPAIR for detailed information.

Where do I get replacement bulbs for older units?
• For the Aladdin family of products, bulbs can be obtained from any hardware store carrying Philips or Sylvania bulbs. Philips:(PLS-5W/840/2P) or Sylvania:(CF5DS/841/ECO)
• For the Smartview family of products, bulbs can be obtained from any hardware store carrying phillips or Sylvania bulbs. Philips:(PLS-7W/840) or Sylvania: (CF5DS/841/ECO)
• Clearview 317- Bulbs can be obtained from any hardware store carrying Sylvania bulbs. Sylvania:(CF5DS/841/ECO). Contact Optelec Canada at 1-800-665-3005
• The Clearview LED and Plus series do not have a user replaceable bulb and must be replaced by a technician. Please contact SEEPAC for advice if you have a lighting problem with one of these units.
• Smartview products with the compact fluorescent bulbs should have the bulb replaced immediately if one burns out as extended running without a working bulb will likely burn out the driver board, requiring further repair.

My CCTV no longer allows me to do things as easily as it did when I first got it
You may wish to discuss this question with your CCTV Authorizer who can help you sort out if there is an issue with the system itself or whether you might have experienced a change in vision.

I am no longer able to use my CCTV. May I give it to someone else?
If you have had your CCTV for less than 5 years, the unit still belongs to the Assistive Devices Program and needs to be returned to SEEPAC. Go to REPAIRS - Permanent for the necessary instructions. If you have had your CCTV for more than 5 years, the unit belongs to you and you may donate it as you wish. If you are unsure of how long you have had your system, please contact your authorizing Centre to obtain the exact date.

I no longer have the box for my CCTV. Can I use another box to return the unit to SEEPAC?
No, using the incorrect box invariably means the unit will be damaged on return and you may forfeit your refund if the unit is improperly packed. Please contact our shipper at (519) 888-4567 x 47136 to have the correct replacement box and packaging sent out to you. As described in your lease agreement, there is a charge for replacement boxes.

I have moved since I got my CCTV. Where should I send my address change?
You should notify both your CCTV Authorizer at the Regional Assessment Centre where you had your assessment and SEEPAC (See CONTACT US for contact information)

If you have additional questions that are not addressed here, please contact your authorizer for further information.


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