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Helpful Hints When Using Your CCTV

Set Up & Positioning
Objects & Pictures
Things to Remember

To view a copy of all this information in pdf format, please see document "Helpful Hints When Using Your CCTV" (Please note that this pdf will open in a new browser window)


Things To Remember
  • Becoming comfortable and effective at using your CCTV takes patience, motivation and practice.
  • Discuss with your CCTV authorizer if there is an optimal eye position ("eccentric viewing position") that you should use when working with your CCTV.
  • If you are unsure what each button does, try it to find out. You will not break the CCTV by exploring the controls available.
  • Start out with simple tasks to build skill
  • Begin using your CCTV for short sessions, gradually increasing the length of each session over time
  • Take short breaks periodically when using your CCTV
  • If your CCTV appears to be working well, but is no longer meeting your needs, please contact your CCTV authorizer to discuss what options are available to you.

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