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Helpful Hints When Using Your CCTV

Set Up & Positioning
Objects & Pictures
Things to Remember

To view a copy of all this information in pdf format, please see document "Helpful Hints When Using Your CCTV" (Please note that this pdf will open in a new browser window)


It's important to make your reading material as flat as possible for best viewing

  • Begin with simple reading tasks to become comfortable using the CCTV
  • Choose a print size that's comfortable to see
  • Move the x/y table to read the material instead of moving the material itself
  • For best control of the x/y table, use two hands, one on either side.
  • If reading material (book, letter) is not flat, consider placing a sheet of plexi glass on top or use your thumbs to clamp the material flat.
  • For book reading, consider leveling the pages by propping up the low side using small magazines (e.g. Readers Digest)
  • For detailed material (e.g. bills) it might help to reduce the magnification (zoom out) to the area you want to read and then increase magnification (zoom in) to read it.

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