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To return your unit for repair:

1. See Return Shipping Instruction page and select your model of CCTV for re-packing instructions.

2. If you no longer have the box for the unit, please do not attempt to pack the unit without proper packaging. This equipment is fragile and can be easily damaged if not correctly packed. Please contact our shipper for a replacement box. As described in your lease agreement, you will be charged for the replacement box.

3. Please complete the form 'Returning Your CCTV to SEEPAC', briefly outlining the problems with the machine and the contact person if the technician needs to discuss this with someone. (Please note that this pdf will open in a new browser window)

4. Once unit is packaged in the box, please see paperwork inside your white envelope marked 'Important papers - do not discard". You will find return shipping labels and a Purolator courier waybill. The top portion of the waybill should be completed with your name and address. Once your package is ready for pick-up, please call Purolator courier at 1-888-744-7123 to make the arrangement.

5. Once your system is received, it will be evaluated by the technician. If the repair is one that can be done quickly, the unit will be repaired and returned to you within 10 working days. If the repair is significant and will require a wait for repair or parts, the technician will phone you and let you know that the unit is being exchanged.

If you have any shipping questions, please call Zeljko Ristic at 519-888-4567 x 47136, 1-800-565-5965 or e-mail

Note: If the CCTV appears to be working but not as well as previously, consider a discussion with your authorizer as you may have experienced a change in your vision requiring reassessment.


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