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Aladdin Apex 20" Color CCTV Packing instructions

Packing an Aladdin Apex 20":

1. Insert small piece of foam, fold in screen and lower arm in preparation for shipping. Apply safety strap so the screen arm does not flip the monitor up during packing/shipping.

2. Lay out one side of the packing material and insert the machine as shown. Please note that this packaging is cut to the exact contours of the machine and has a definite front and a back so the machine will fit exactly for safe shipping.

3. While the machine is still on its side, place the other side of the packaging material in place.

4. Place the plastic bag over the machine as it sits on the floor.

5. With the packaging and plastic bag in place turn the machine in such a way as the base of the machine is now facing upwards. Take the open box and place it over the machine.

6. Carefully right the box and tape the lid shut…ready for shipping.


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