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Topaz Unpacking Instructions

Unpacking a Topaz Video Magnifier:

1. The box is kept closed with four white connecting clips. The white clips can be found near the base of the box. There are 2 clips on 2 sides of the box.

2.The clips snap open and then can be removed from the box completely, leaving a cut-out hole in the box. Hook your finger into the clip on the left hand side and pull until the clip opens. Then pull the entire clip from the box.

3.Once all 4 clips are fully removed from the box, lift the box straight up off the tray bottom.

4. There is a support made of foam and cardboard cradling left and right side of the monitor. Remove both supportsfrom the monitor.

5. The topaz unit is enclosed in a plastic bag. Remove the plastic bag. The unit sits on a bottom tray of the box and the Topaz' base is cushioned by foam. The user documentation is sitting on the reading tray of the unit. Remove the documentation. Carefully lift the Topaz off the tray. Lift the Topaz by the rear post (indicated by the red arrow in pitcure), not by the monitor or reading lights. Place the Topaz where you will be using it.

Plug the power cord from the rear of the Topaz to an electrical wall outlet.

Please see your user manual for further instructions on how to use your Topaz unit. The documentation may include a warranty registration card. you do not have to return this card. Clients receiving a Topaz unit through the Assitive Devices Program automatically have a 5 year warranty against manufacturer's defects. If you experience problems with your Topaz, please call SEEPAC at 1-800-565-5965.


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