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ONYX Unpacking Instructions

Unpacking an ONYX

1. Your ONYX CCTV will come in one box. Open the box. Remove the foam piece covering the CCTV.

2. Open the plastic wrap covering the top of the CCTV so the CCTV case is revealed.

3. Pull the case out of the box using the handle at the top of the case. Your CCTV is inside this case.

4. Place case on a flat surface. Unzip the case zipper.

5. Zipper continues along the sides of the case. Unzip completely so the front and back of the case can be folded away from the CCTV.

6. Remove the remote and power supply box.

7. Remove foam pieces from the front and sides of the monitor. Remove plastic from around CCTV. Remove case from under the CCTV.

8. Remove the foam protecting the back of the monitor, the foam on the camera arm and the bubble wrap and tape around the camera.

9. Refer to the user manual for final set-up. Raise the camera arm until it locks into the upright position.

10. Unpack the power cord and remote from the smaller box. Connect the power cord to the unit on the left hand side when the monitor is facing you. Plug into a wall outlet. Place batteries into the remote.

11. Remember to keep your box and packaging somewhere safe in case you need to return the CCTV for repairs or end your leas early. A fee of $100 will be charged if the box is discarded.


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