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Smartview 360 Packing Instructions

Packing a Smartview 360

1. Your Smartview 360 will be packed into one box without the carry case and the carry case will be packed into a separate box. Place small piece of foam under the monitor to protect it. If you still have white film to cover the monitor, tape in place.

2. Make sure camera arm is parallel to monitor. Set monitor and camera into foam piece which has an indentation for camera and monitor.

3. Fit foam on other side of monitor and camera. Pack accessories into small box and fit accessories box into foam.

4. Cover CCTV in plastic bag.

5. Place CCTV into box. CCTV should be sitting upright with camera at top of the box

6. Put cardboard piece over unit and tape box shut. Carry case should be packed in a separate box for shipping.


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