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ONYX Packing Instructions

Packing an ONYX

1. Unplug the power cord from the wall and remove it from the left side of the CCTV. Pack the power cord in the small brown box along with the remote control.

2. Wrap the bubble wrap around the ONYX camera. Wrap foam around the camera arm. Twist the arm of the camera so it is behind the monitor. Bend the arm down until it fits into the grove in the back of the unit. The camera will be near the base of the unit, turned so it is not sticking out past the monitor or the back of the unit.

3. Place thin foam piece behind monitor.

4. Wrap the CCTV in plastic.

5. Place foam pieces on both sides of the monitor. Set monitor on bottom of open case.

6. Place foam thin foam piece over monitor and set small box with power cord and remote in front of monitor.

7. Pull sides of case up. And zip up the case.

8. Zip case up completely. Donít forget to slip the User Guide in.

9. Place larger plastic bag inside the large shipping box. Set case with CCTV in it inside the shipping box.

10. Close up plastic and place foam over top. Seal up the box top.


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