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Clearview 17" CRT Packing instructions

Packing a Clearview 17" CRT:

1. The monitor is to be removed by pulling out on this round knob enough to disengage the safety restraint so that the monitor can be tilted forward and removed from the monitor base.

2. While using a finger to pull out on the tab at the back of the camera unit, slide out the monitor base from itís position within the camera unit.

3. Insert the plastic hatch at the top of the camera unit.

4. Affix the packaging onto the monitor base, the monitor and the camera unit as shown in the next twelve pictures.

5. Place the packaged camera unit into the smaller of the two boxes and seal the box before shipping remembering to also include the box of accessories.

6. Place in the packaged monitor and then the packaged monitor base into the bigger of the two boxes. Then seal the box ready for shipping.


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